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A Special Message from the Island of Discarded Women LIVE Podcast

Here is a special message from Sue Scott of The Island of Discarded Women:

"We are taking a super quick mid-summer break and will be back in force on SUNDAY, AUGUST 14th!

Our guests are amazing! Mikki Morrissette is the publisher and editor of MN Women’s Press magazine and an award-winning writer, speaker, podcaster and documentarian. She’s all about telling stories to impact individual and collective change. Yes!

Courtney Yasmineh, has been writing songs for 50 years, produced 8 albums, toured the world, published a novel. She has an incredible story to share of surviving alone in a cabin on the Canadian border at 17 with her notebooks, her guitar and early recordings of Bob Dylan.

Plus, Sue Scott, Brittany Delaney, Dae Yang & Zippy Laske will reflect on life after the rulings! All of them!"

Tickets for the show: $20

Doors open at 5:30 to purchase Dinner + Drinks at your table (service continues during show!)

Show time: 7:00 to 8:30pm

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