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Sue Scott's Island of Discarded Women: Live Podcast on Sunday, June 12

Sunday, June 12th

Doors open at 5:30 to purchase Dinner + Drinks at your table (service continues during show!)

Show time: 7:00 to 8:30pm

Special guest, Georgia Fort, is a fearless independent journalist and founder of BLCK Press. Georgia, who just announced an expansion of her newsroom, has tirelessly been on the front lines with her camera telling visceral, in the moment, visual stories about race and culture in the community.

Georgia’s mission: “changing the narrative.” We took that as a rallying cry for this show!

The brilliant Brittany Delaney will perform a new spoken word piece. Our cast member Dae Yang has a fresh story with an original song to share AND singer/songwriter Zippy Laske will sing a letter to her daughters. + Commentary and more from host Sue Scott!

Tickets for the show: $20

Tickets available at

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