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MEMBER EVENT: The Increasingly Complicated Russia-Ukraine Crisis: How Did the World Get Here?

Speaker: Dr. Anna Prisacari

Thursday, April 28

7:00 - 8:00 pm

Come for Thursdays @ 5 and stay to hear this important discussion.

Dr. Anna Prisacari was born in Moldova during the Soviet Union period. Because her grandparents were born in a different part of the Soviet Union, Anna grew up speaking Russian, Romanian, and Ukrainian. When Anna was in high school, her family immigrated to Iowa. After graduating with a PhD in Human Computer Interaction from Iowa State University, Anna moved to Minneapolis to work at an augmented reality startup. She works at Amazon and is a proud member of the City of Lakes Rotary Club that weekly meets at the Woman’s Club.

Anna has family and friends in Moldova, Ukraine, and Russia. Moldova is one of the poorest countries in Europe with a population of only 2.6 million, making it the country with the most Ukrainian refugees per-capita. In her talk, Anna will share the historical political events and cultural facts that will help explain the origins of the Ukraine-Russia war and why this war is growing more complex by the day.

Dinner will not be served, but drinks are available at the bar.

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