Mystery Book Dinner

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5:30 pm


Cocktails 5:30 pm, Dinner 6:00 pm 

Guest Speaker: Judy Lund 

This dinner features food from Peter May’s Blowback, the spectacular story about Marc Frayssee and his Three-Star Michelin Restaurant. In a special twist, the menu will be described using lines from the book. 


  • The scallops are washed and sliced in half, dropped in a tiny pool of bubbling melted butter and shimmering olive oil until they have a caramelized crust, sixty seconds. They are plated on a few fresh green leaves. Lettuce, baby spinach and a drizzle of thick, sweet dressing made with a syrupy balsamic, carefully gathered in a corner of the plate. 
  • A filet mignon is marinated in a hoisin, five spice and honey sauce and roasted in a hot oven. The meat is cut into moist, tender discs and drizzled with the reduction of the marinate. It is served with cubed honeyed sauce, which had been crisping in the oven on a bed of rosemary.
  • A selection of cheeses and dessert
  • Steaming fondant chocolate with a boule of creamy homemade vanilla ice cream

$48.00++ • Taxes and Fees Not Included
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