Tuesday Programs - Godfrey Friends Program: Mrs. Ambassador

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11:00 am

Guest Speaker: Mary Dupont

In her book Mrs. Ambassador: The Life and Politics of Eugenie Anderson, Mary Dupont, the granddaughter of Eugenie Anderson, explores what Eugenie Anderson stood for as a representative of the United States, and how she led a personal life that was just as assured as her professional life. An enticing narrative about a mid-20th-century politician who championed democratic ideals at home and around the world, this book is a triumph. 

Anderson achieved historic diplomatic status when President Harry Truman appointed her the first woman ambassador for the United States with a post to Denmark in 1949. She went on to serve in Communist Bulgaria and at the United Nations. Tirelessly advocating for human rights, Anderson pushed against expectations set by society and the media, and in the process demonstrated that diplomacy's requisite skills–intelligence, poise, determination–are held by women and men alike.

Mary Dupont is a writer and photographer specializing in midwestern social and family history and photo preservation efforts. She lives along the Mississippi River bluffs near St. Paul; she and her husband have three children. Mrs. Ambassador: The Life and Politics of Eugenie Anderson is her first book.


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