Tuesday Programs - Modern Board Games: Beyond Monopoly

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11:00 am

Guest Speaker: Nadine Sehnert

Modern Board Games, or Tabletop Games, are enjoying a resurgence. The global board game market is an eight billion dollar industry. Modern board games are not just games of chance like the games we grew up with. This new breed of games has more involvement from the player.

You get to make more decisions on how the game is played and you don't just rely on a pair of dice to tell you how far to move around the board. With thousands of new and updated board games released each year, how do you find a game that you or your family and friends might enjoy?

Member Nadine Sehnert and her husband Mike Tangedal have been collecting games since they were married and now have a collection of more than 3,300 games dating back to the 1890s. She will give a brief history of board games and an overview of how they have changed in the last 20 years. She will also bring a selection of new games to demo and teach.

Members are encouraged to join Nadine to play board games at 1:00 pm after the Tuesday Program.


The Tuesday Program is a Club tradition to educate, inspire and entertain our Members and guests. Coffee and tea are served at 10:30 am in the Lounge, followed by a Guest Speaker in the Ballroom at 11:00 am and lunch in the Dining Room at 12:00 pm. The cost for lunch is $18.00 plus tax and service charge ($23.28, inclusive of tax and service). Reservations are not necessary.