Virtual Tuesday Programs: Hope in the Struggle

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11:00 am

Guest Speaker: Josie Johnson

"This excitement I have felt of our young black boys and girls, men and women. That spirit…keeps some of us fighting."

Josie Johnson has always felt a bit of hope. She stayed hopeful as a teenager in Texas, gathering signatures on a petition to end the poll tax. Hope drew her from Minneapolis to Mississippi during the fight for voting rights. For decades, she marched and organized in the hope her children's children would grow up in a different world. After more than six decades of tireless civil rights work, she watched as a policeman in her city casually crush the life out of George Floyd on camera. "My hope was drained that day." The year before she chose the title for her biography: Hope in the Struggle.

Crowds took to the street, protesting like so many had done so many times before. But something in this moment felt different. "That spirit and strength of our people keeps some of us fighting and being hopeful."

Besides being a civil rights leader, activist and author, Josie has held public office in Minneapolis.


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