Tuesday Programs: My Year with the Red Cross in Vietnam (1967-68)

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11:00 am

Guest Speaker: Jan Feye-Stukas

In 1967, Jan responded to a radio ad that asked for "young women, college graduates, between the ages of 21 and 25 who would like adventure and travel to Vietnam". This is the story of why and how she got there and what she did while there, plus additional notes to what happened since. 

Jan Feye-Stukas has been a Member of Woman's Club of Minneapolis since 2013, serving on House, Dining and Grants committees, participating in Bridge, Tea & Stitchers and Read & Rap. She currently is serving as Facilities Liaison on the Board of Directors. She retired in 2012 after 45 years as a librarian, library administrator and library consultant. 


The Tuesday Program is a Club tradition to educate, inspire and entertain our Members and guests. Coffee and tea are served at 10:30 am in the Lounge, followed by a Guest Speaker in the Ballroom at 11:00 am and lunch in the Dining Room at 12:00 pm. The cost for lunch is $18.00 plus tax and service charge ($23.28, inclusive of tax and service). Reservations are not necessary.