Tuesday Programs: Are Minnesotans Ready for Climate Change?

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Event Time:
11:00 am

Guest Speaker: Dr. Mae Davenport

In this presentation, Dr. Mae Davenport will provide a review of The Center for Changing Landscapes' research on climate beliefs, perceptions, and actions in the state of Minnesota. 

Dr. Mae Davenport, Director of The Center for Changing Landscapes at the University of Minnesota, has conducted research on the social and cultural impacts of climate change in Minnesota for more than a decade. The Center's research programs aim to document diverse narratives across the state on several high stakes issues such as climate change, water policy, and environmental behavior change. Davenport consults regularly with tribal, federal, and state environmental agencies, local governments, and community organizations on culturally driven environmental decision making and environmental justice.

If you're a Club Member and interested in attending this virtual event, please contact Nadine if you don't have the Zoom meeting info.