Tuesday Programs: Dunwoody College of Technology: Architecture for the 21st Century

Event Date:

Event Time:
11:00 am

Guest Speaker: John Dwyer, AIA

In this Tuesday Program, John Dwyer, AIA, will speak to the College's architectural academics and community partnerships in the local, national and global communities. The mission of the program is to strengthen the profession, with a focus on addressing climate change and human sustainability through service to underserved communities. New forms of engaging global communities and providing architectural education will be presented relative to their positive expansion of the architect's role in global change. John will also speak to the rich involvement of Dunwoody's students in local community projects.

John Dwyer is the Program Manager of the Architectural Drafting and Design, Bachelor of Architecture, and Interior Design degree programs at Dunwoody College of Technology. He is also the founding principal of Dwyer Solutions, a non-profit architecture practice. In both practice and academia, John strives pursues a greater influence of architecture toward the sustainability of humanity. 

If you're a Club Member and interested in attending this virtual event, please contact Nadine if you don't have the Zoom meeting info.