Tuesday Programs - Exodus Lending: Freeing Minnesotans from a Debt Trap

Event Date: Tuesday, January 29, 2019
Event Time: 11:00 am 

Guest Speaker: Sara Nelson-Pallmeyer

Payday loans trap borrowers in a cycle of debt from which it’s almost impossible to escape. The typical borrower is a middle-aged woman, just trying to take care of her family. Thousands of Minnesotans get caught in the trap every year and struggle to get free. Exodus Lending is a nonprofit that started in 2015 which addresses this issue head-on, both by freeing individuals one by one, and speaking out about political solutions. 

Sara Nelson-Pallmeyer has been the Executive Director of Exodus Lending since 2016 and brings with her a lifetime of nonprofit experience, with agencies such as Habitat for Humanity, the Greater Minneapolis Council of Churches and Sarah’s... an Oasis for Women. A mother of three young adult daughters, she is glad to work with an agency that serves mostly women throughout the state of Minnesota. 


The Tuesday Program is a Club tradition to educate, inspire and entertain our Members and guests. Coffee and tea are served at 10:30 am in the Lounge, followed by a Guest Speaker in the Ballroom at 11:00 am and lunch in the Dining Room at 12:00 pm. The cost for lunch is $18.00 plus tax and service charge ($23.28, inclusive of tax and service). Reservations are not necessary.