Tuesday Programs: Artspace as National Developer for the Arts

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Event Time:
11:00 am

Guest Speaker: Kelley Lindquist

A national nonprofit organization with headquarters in Minneapolis, the mission of Artspace is to create, foster, and preserve affordable and sustainable space for artists and arts organizations. Through both the adaptive reuse of historic buildings and new construction, Artspace creates affordable living and working spaces for artists and their families while providing complementary amenities such as community spaces, galleries, and facilities for arts organizations. 

Artspace President Kelley Lindquist will present on the depth and breadth of Artspace's work across the United States, giving a brief overview of Artspace creative spaces across the country and real estate development trends for artists–particularly artists of color. Kelley Lindquist is renowned for building Artspace Projects, Inc.–America's leading nonprofit real estate developer for creative communities–from the ground up. Since Mr. Lindquist joined Artspace in 1987 as its sole employee, managing at that time a budget of $60k, he has grown the nonprofit organization to a team of 70 with a national Board of Directors and an annual budget of $20 million.

Buildings that Artspace owns and operates are located everywhere from Honolulu, Hawaii to East Harlem, New York. In Minnesota, Artspace's latest activities include construction of the Northside Artspace Lofts in the Harrison neighborhood of North Minneapolis, and the acquisition of the Northrup King studio complex in Northeast Minneapolis. Northside will create 100 new units of affordable artist housing to retain space for area artists even while the neighborhood may change; while Northrup King supports a well-established community of working artists, ensuring that these working studios remain afforda


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