Great Decisions - Nuclear Proliferation: Who Has Power?

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5:00 pm

Guest Speaker: Mary Curtin

In this Great Decisions, Mary Curtin will speak about nuclear proliferation. This topic continues to be an important one, as the unsteady heartbeat of world leadership spreads uncertainty of our future. Mary's insightful viewpoint will focus on the current state of the World, who has power, who doesn't, and what that means for US defense.

Mary T. Curtin, PhD, a Minnesota native, joined the Humphrey School of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota as a diplomat-in-residence in 2013 after a 25-year career as a Department of State Foreign Service Officer. As diplomat-in-residence, she teaches courses in foreign policy and diplomacy and serves as coordinator for the Humphrey School's global policy area. 

During her Foreign Service career, she served at the US Mission to the EU in Brussels; as political counselor in Warsaw, Poland; and at missions in Tunisia, Mali, and Chile, as well as in Washington, DC. She has expertise in issues including Middle East policy; European affairs, including the EU and NATO; human rights and democratization, and non-proliferation. She was a member of the US delegation to the 1995 UN Conference on Women.


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