Great Decisions: The United States and Mexico–Partnership Tested

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5:00 pm

Guest Speaker: Rob Scarlett

We share a 2000-mile border that more than 1 million people and $1.4 billion in trade cross daily. Is the political discord affecting trade or is it just noise?

Rob Scarlett currently serves as Senior Adviser to Clearwater Biologic, LLC, a bio-remediation business located in Babbitt, Minnesota, and has served as a senior executive in a number of smaller manufacturing companies over the years. Since 1999, he has also led Hunter Scarlett Consulting, and serves as a director for start-ups in the US, Europe, and Latin America. Rob has done business in Mexico since the early 1980s– prior to NAFTA. He graduated from Carleton College in the mid-1960s and spent much of the past 50 years working and living in various countries Latin America.

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