Great Decisions: Women of Nicaragua and Central America Working for Economic Autonomy

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5:00 pm

Guest Speaker: Auxiliadora Salgado

Nicaraguans are living in a violent sociopolitical crisis that erupted in April of 2018 after President Ortega's administration announced cuts to Nicaragua's social security program. This crisis has caused very serious violations of human rights, police repression, mass arrests of the people who protested, mass emigration and economic crisis. Around 158,000 jobs were lost in 2018, and new tax reforms were enacted that caused an economic recession. 

Auxiliadora Salgado will share what it is like to live in rural Nicaragua, the current political dynamics there, and her experience and observations from working with women for over five years in Nicaragua and other Central American countries. Much of Auxiliadora's work was with Economic Systems Providing Equitable Resources for All (ESPERA), a program that partners with women's organizations in Central America and Mexico to start locally owned community lending pools and to strengthen local women's organizations. 

ESPERA is a program of Mary's Pence, located in St. Paul, Minnesota. 


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