Past & Future Calendar:
 through 2/22/2017 (Click to view details)
Tuesday, Jan 24, 2017
 11:00 am  Tuesday Program: Adventures in Writing: The History of St. Anthony and Northeast Mpls.
 12:30 pm  Celebrate Tim Welsh's 30th Anniversary with the Woman's Club!
Thursday, Jan 26, 2017
 5:00 pm  Sandwich Session for the Dignity Center
 5:00 pm  Thursdays @ 5
Saturday, Jan 28, 2017
 11:00 am  Annual Baby Shower for MVNA
 8:00 pm  Acme Comedy Company Presents Tom Segura
 10:30 pm  Acme Comedy Company Presents Tom Segura
Sunday, Jan 29, 2017
 10:30 am  Sunday Brunch Buffet
Tuesday, Jan 31, 2017
 11:00 am  Tuesday Program: Minnesota's Atomic Veterans: An Untold Story of Nuclear War
Wednesday, Feb 1, 2017
 6:00 pm  Jazz in the Lounge with Connie Evingson
Thursday, Feb 2, 2017
 5:00 pm  Thursdays @ 5
Friday, Feb 3, 2017
 7:00 am  Breakfast Business Book Club
 10:00 am  Bridge-O-Rama
 10:00 am  Mystery Book Group
Sunday, Feb 5, 2017
 10:30 am  Sunday Brunch Buffet
Tuesday, Feb 7, 2017
 11:00 am  Tuesday Program: What to Read! Book Recommendations by the Experts
Wednesday, Feb 8, 2017
 12:00 pm  February Birthday Lunch
 7:00 pm  Evening Readers
 7:00 pm  Evening Readers
Thursday, Feb 9, 2017
 7:30 am  Breakfast Networking Group
 5:00 pm  Thursdays @ 5
Friday, Feb 10, 2017
 7:30 pm  Stuart Pimsler Dance & Theater presents MATINEE
Saturday, Feb 11, 2017
 7:30 pm  Stuart Pimsler Dance & Theater presents MATINEE
Sunday, Feb 12, 2017
 10:30 am  Sunday Brunch Buffet
 2:00 pm  Stuart Pimsler Dance & Theater presents MATINEE
Tuesday, Feb 14, 2017
 11:00 am  Tuesday Program: Reader's Theater, "Snapshots"
 5:30 pm  Valentine's Dinner
Thursday, Feb 16, 2017
 5:00 pm  Thursdays @ 5
Friday, Feb 17, 2017
 10:00 am  Read and Rap
 6:00 pm  Minnesota Chapter of Consortium for Women Leaders in Public Service (CWLPS) Meeting
 7:30 pm  Stuart Pimsler Dance & Theater presents MATINEE
Saturday, Feb 18, 2017
 7:30 pm  Stuart Pimsler Dance & Theater presents MATINEE
Sunday, Feb 19, 2017
 10:30 am  Sunday Brunch Buffet
 2:00 pm  Stuart Pimsler Dance & Theater presents MATINEE
Tuesday, Feb 21, 2017
 11:00 am  Tuesday Program: Public Defense in Minnesota

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The Woman’s Club of Minneapolis is an elegant events venue and members’ Club overlooking Loring Park in the heart of Minneapolis. Our story began more than a century ago when a group of extraordinary women set out to create a beautiful space in which to gather, connect, educate, inspire and improve the world around them. Today the Club is enjoyed by exceptional women and men of all ages and backgrounds, both members and guests alike.

“The history of the Woman’s Club deserves to be written with humor and love.”

--Alice Ames Winter, The Woman’s Club of Minneapolis, President, 1907 - 1915

 2016 Gala Overview Text 
 A Brief History 
 About Us 
 Ard Godfrey House 
 Ard Godfrey House 
Built in 1849, the Ard Godfrey house is the oldest remaining frame residence in Minneapolis. Located in the St. Anthony Falls historic Milling District, the house has been impeccably restored and is filled with furnishings and household items authentic to the period 1849 to 1853.
 Dress Code 
This is a gentle reminder that tasteful attire is expected of all members and guests in our Dining Room. This includes skirt or slacks for women, and jackets, sports shirts, or sweaters for men. These guidelines are to help ensure that everyone will feel comfortable and, at the same time, dress appropriately to reflect the beauty and tradition of our Club.
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 Frequently Asked Questions 
 Grants and Scholarships 
 In the Community 
 Meet the Dining Staff 
Whether you’re meeting with a business associate for lunch, celebrating a special occasion with your family, enjoying a dinner with other members, or simply stopping by the Club for a snack, Chef Michael and his staff are sure to have the perfect meal planned just for you.
 Our First Century: The Woman's Club of Minneapolis DVD 
 Past and Future 
 Request A Book 
 See What We're Up To 

The Women's Club of Minneapolis hosts or cosponsors these events with corporations and community organizations, creating powerful partnerships that strengthen lives in the Twin Cities.

Explore All of Our Events
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 Sunday Brunch 
Don't forget to stop by on Sundays for brunch from 11:00am - 2:00pm. Includes chef-carved meats, waffle station, salads, desserts and complimentary champagne or wine. Private rooms are available. Secure a spot by making a reservation in advance.
 The Knot 
 The Woman’s Club and St. Kate’s Join Forces 
For years, The Woman’s Club of Minneapolis and the College of St. Catherine have promoted educational and civic opportunities for women in the Twin Cities. Now these two organizations are officially joining forces...
 Wedding Wire 
The Woman’s Club of Minneapolis, an elegant private Clubhouse overlooking Loring Park in downtown Minneapolis, is the perfect setting for your most significant celebrations. Each space in this historic, classical six-story mansion inspires its own story. Artfully constructed in 1928 and lovingly restored through the years, The Woman’s Club of Minneapolis offers you a one-of-a-kind experience with a true sense of place.
 Weddings Secondary Overview 
 Woman's Club Theatre (The Assembly at the Woman's Club of Minneapolis) 

In March of 1907, Mrs. Albert Rankin and Mrs. Charles Keyes, Sr. approach Miss Gratia Countryman, Chief Librarian of the Minneapolis Public Library (pictured), about a new kind of woman’s organization. Weeks later, 25 influential women are invited to convene in Miss Countryman's library office, and The Woman's Club of Minneapolis is born.

Reflecting back on the Club’s beginnings, first Club President Alice Ames Winter would later write,

“There was a scarcity of civic organizations in Minneapolis at the time the Club was started, and the members themselves felt doubtful whether women could ‘put over’ anything that dared to step into serious discussion and still more serious action concerning public doings. But we did…. If civilization is to move upward, it must be in the direction that helps myriads to live happy lives where only a few have had that privilege.” She continues, “The zeal for betterment needs to be tempered by a thousand agreeable things. Our music and our art and our reading together and our listening to interesting speakers, above all our delight in our relations with each other, are not the froth on the top of an otherwise excellent organization. They are of its very essence ...”

 Events Venue 
The Woman’s Club of Minneapolis, an elegant private Clubhouse overlooking Loring Park in downtown Minneapolis, is a superb setting for your most memorable meetings and events. Each space in this historic, classical mansion inspires its own story. With 66,000 square feet of unique event spaces that radiate character and charm, The Woman’s Club of Minneapolis offers you a one-of-a-kind experience with a true sense of place.
 Get Involved 

All About the Circulating Library and Its Committee

 In The Community 
As a member of the Woman’s Club, you are an integral part of an organization that has strengthened the social, civic and educational framework of the city since 1907.
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 Testimonial 1 

“This is one of the best kept secrets of Minneapolis. It is an amazing resource for professional women looking to connect with others. I am a member and have loved getting to know some of the many interesting women there. Look it up! Join today!”

 Testimonial 1 

"I want to thank you and your staff for the lovely evening last night. The Woman’s Club was the perfect venue. We’ve already received numerous requests to hold our event there again next year! Fun was had by all and it was a true success.”

 Testimonial 1 

"Where do I begin? We can’t thank you enough for such an amazing reception!! Everyone was just gushing about how beautiful and elegant everything was. Thank you for all your hard work. It’s been a year since our fabulous wedding reception there, and we are still hearing back from our guests about how amazing everything turned out, and that was thanks to your helpful guidance and wonderful staff."

 The Gift of Membership 
 Things To Do 
For business, for pleasure, for outreach, for enrichment—these phrases describe the many benefits enjoyed by us as members of the Woman's Club. Aligning our many committees and interest groups to the Club's mission has been a recent Board goal. What we like to do—and how we do it—is all reflected here.

An early partnership is launched between the fledgling Minnesota Visiting Nurse Agency (MVNA) and The Woman's Club of Minneapolis. Both organizations seek to address the need for access to better health care for the city’s more disadvantaged communities. With funds raised by the Woman’s Club, MVNA launches a public school nurse program in Saint Paul -- one of the first in the country -- in 1908.


Here you’ll find changing highlights of events and committee activities.  Let’s begin with what’s in store in the upcoming months. And look in the complete committee listing for committees and interest groups that would be enhanced by you!

Gala - has a myriad of ways for you to be a  Gala supporter.

Travel - has a listing of trips to exciting and educational destinations, both near and far, for members and friends.

Book Groups - are open to all who enjoy reading and discussing books, one especially for those who love mysteries.  See what they are reading each month!

Website - is adding more for you each month.  Read how you can get more from the Club’s website, or help with the maintenance and growth of the site itself.

 Featured Book 
Run - Ann Patchett
 Grant Recipients 
In 2010, the Woman’s Club distributed $50,000 in grants to local nonprofit organizations that benefit women and children. All organizations receiving grants from the Woman’s Club are tax exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Read more to see the organizations that received grants in 2010.
“The foundations of the Clubhouse are laid on the love and trust that women have for one another, and their will to serve each other and the city in which they live by means of the added wisdom, the added courage, the added inspiration and the added power that springs from their close association.”
--Alice Ames Winter, The Woman’s Club of Minneapolis, President, 1907 - 1915
 Schedule of Current Charges Button 
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 Testimonial 2 

“My new home away from home! Classy place, classy women, great events, and a pillar of service and greatness in the community! Love what The Woman's Club of Minneapolis is all about!!!”

 Testimonial 2 

"We want to express our deep appreciation to you for your help with our daughter’s wedding at the Woman’s Club. Your expertise, attention to detail, and kind and warm manner are just some of the wonderful qualities that made the happy event move along so harmoniously. From our first meeting, I knew you were an expert in this business, and that we could be confident that we were working with someone whose knowledge and experience would contribute to a wonderful day. Many of the guests commented on the beauty of the building and the architecture, the elegance of the furnishings and atmosphere, and the lovely views of the city from the balcony. We were thrilled that our photographer captured the essence of the club in his work. It was indeed a joy to work with you."

 Testimonial 2 

"Thank you so much for making our event so memorable. The food was wonderful! I had three personal phone calls about the mushroom ravioli. The food presentations were so professional. Where do you find servers like Shannon and her crew? They were so far beyond the “millionth customer server” as Mars is from Pluto. Service was smooth and efficient. I can’t say enough about your cooperation. Thank you for thinking of things--so many--that made our event go smoothly.”


In January of 1914, Helen Keller is invited to speak to Woman’s Club members at the Shubert Theatre. The event is open to the public, and the visually impaired community is invited to the event. Keller’s visit, according to a local article, adds “impetus to the work of the organization for the blind and much is being planned for the society within the next few months.” The event goes so well, Keller is asked to speak again the following year, and a century-long tradition of the Club’s Annual VIP Luncheon (Visually Impaired Persons) is begun.

 Apply for a Membership Button 
The Woman’s Club of Minneapolis is a premier members Club in a stunning Italianate, six-story mansion overlooking Loring Park in downtown Minneapolis. The Club is a gathering place for active, interesting women and men of all ages and backgrounds.

General Manager Pam Lehan
 Reading Ideas 

Let’s keep reading books with Minnesota settings during our state’s sesquicentennial. New to the collection this fall are three more.

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 Testimonial 3 

“As a new member, it's really exciting to get together with like-minded women and not only share thoughts about today's issues but also share ideas about how to make the Club a better place for its members. These ladies are invested! It's awesome to be a part of a group that brings together diverse backgrounds and experiences through speakers, happy hours, and networking events. Love it!”

 Testimonial 3 

"I am so grateful to you for making our time at the Woman’s Club sublime. To say my niece Emily is over the moon is an understatement. Leah, my sister, was thrilled with the venue, too, and the many options you provided to them. Your warmth, expertise and welcoming personality are even better than when I was working with you 15 years ago to create my wedding day.”

 Testimonial 3 

“We received so many compliments that truly belong to you and your team! Our foodie friends who are not easily impressed were extremely impressed with all of the food, appetizers and buffet courses. All of the servers did an exceptional job taking care of our guests! I am not certain how to give the Woman’s Club more recognition for making our daughter’s wedding reception the outstanding event that it was.”


The original Clubhouse on Harmon Place seems to shrink as membership grows, and a new, bigger location is needed. Designed by architect Léon Arnal, the Clubhouse overlooking Loring Park is built. Katherine Vilas, second Vice President, comments,

“We shall hardly know how to sit tables and eat comfortably in our new Clubhouse. We are so accustomed to balancing trays on our knees.”

Arnal, who later would be recognized for his work on the Foshay Tower and the U.S. Post Office, designs the Clubhouse in a Second Renaissance Revival style that harmonizes with the neighboring buildings. Details such as wrought-iron balconets, arched loggia and patterned brickwork create a distinctive landmark as well as a symbol that solidifies the influence of the Club. In 1998, the Clubhouse is officially designated a Historic Building by the City of Minneapolis.

 Children's Menu Button 
 New from the Library 
Check this page often for the selections recently added—and donated—to the Circulating Library’s collection. When you’re at the Clubhouse, stop in the Library and check out what’s new.
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 Testimonial 4 

“Thank you one hundred times for everything you did to make our wedding night magical. Your endless patience with questions, details, guests and confirmations. The reception was absolutely beautiful and so many people commented on the elegance of the Woman’s Club. I appreciated your calmness, your accommodating personality, your fantastic demeanor. I knew from the first time I met you it would be a blast working with you.”

 Testimonial 4 

“Thanks for hosting our two events. They were both great successes. Kudo’s to the pastry chef for our dessert on Wednesday night. It was amazing! I’d like to inquire about the Memorial Library for next year. I’m booking our board meeting for the next fiscal year and I thought I’d get them on the books!”

 Testimonial 4 

“One of the nicest experiences of my adult life has been being a member of the Club. I highly recommend the experience!!”


Junior membership is established, allowing young women ages 18 - 30 to become members of the Club at a reduced fee structure. More than 50 young women join in the first year. Junior officers are chosen and each is appointed to sit on a Club Committee to encourage communication and participation.

 Check Out A Book 
It is so easy! Members can check out books anytime the Clubhouse is open.
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 Testimonial 5 

“Where else could you meet so many amazing women!?!”

 Testimonial 5 

“I will have to invent another event so Tim and I can work together again. What fun! It was truly divine. The room was beyond perfect, just the right size for the group. Your staff and the manager on the floor could not have been more accommodating. Thank you.”

 Testimonial 5 

“Thank you so much for an awesome event. Your staff was flawless: attentive, courteous, treated our guests with outstanding service and they executed “the plan” superbly. The food was excellent--please tell the chef and his team how impressed all our guests were. A couple of our friends are in the catering business--one a former chef--and they were blown away by the food. What really struck me is how well your staff took care of Jerry and me--always bringing us water, refreshing our wine, making sure we were doing well. You have been a pleasure to work with--from our first meeting to the tasting and the final planning. I hope you are proud of your colleagues for they all came together and performed like stars. I told Jerry we are celebrating our one year anniversary at the Woman’s Club!”


On November 11, 1940, heavy snowfall brings traffic in central Minnesota to a standstill. A crowd of over 500 is expected for lunch to hear William Henry Chamberlain, who has flown in from Boston, speak. Within two hours, the switchboard handles over 400 calls to cancel due to the weather. The Club’s Vice President manages to get Mr. Chamberlain to U of M radio station WLB, where he broadcasts his talk for members to hear from the safety of their homes. Club employees create makeshift beds in the Clubhouse, as there is no way for them to get home that night. The storm goes down in history as the Armistice Day Blizzard.

 Annual Baby Shower for MVNA, Sat., Jan. 28 
Learn about MVNA (the Minnesota Visiting Nurse Agency), and with your baby gift help the nurses, new mothers and their babies begin successful new lives.

11:00 am Social
11:30 am Program featuring the Metropolitan Boys Choir
12:00 pm Luncheon

Gift suggestions from MVNA:
Board books, rattles, stacking cups, stacking ring toy, wooden puzzles, teething rings, Candyland game, diapers (newborn to size 4), snap beads or blocks, clothing (sizes 3 – 24 months) or checks made out to MVNA.

 Testimonial 6 

“The Woman’s Club of Minneapolis is truly an amazing place. What they do for women and children is nothing shy of amazing. The building itself is absolutely wonderful! I hope to one day to go back and maybe become a part of the Minneapolis Women's Club.”

 Testimonial 6 

“The best Sunday brunch in town.”

 Testimonial 6 

The wedding was everything we hoped for -- the food, staff, space, it was all perfect! We cannot thank you enough for all your help in making it such a beautiful evening for us. We will be sure to stay in touch!


Woman’s Club members become very involved in the war effort. In 1942, the Needlework Guild makes about 220 articles, representing over 5000 volunteer hours. 13,715 surgical dressings are made from November 11 through March 16, and 53 members give blood. Club members sell $60,000 in war bonds in that one year, equivalent to over $900,000 today. In an effort to better understand the allies, programs about China, Canada, Mexico, Russia and Philippines are held for members in the Assembly.

 Meet the Artist: Rebecca Dudley 
Artist Reception: THURSDAY, JANUARY 12
5:30 - 7:00 pm
Appetizers and a Cash Bar
This Event Is Open to Everyone
 Testimonial 7 
We had an absolutely wonderful evening at the Woman’s Club! Your staff was very attentive to us and our guests. The beef tenderloin was “melt in your mouth” and so tender that a knife was unnecessary. Our guests loved the venue and the ability to move about and enjoy all the rooms. We had many guests comment that it was one of the most beautiful and comfortable wedding venues they’ve ever experienced. The weather was gorgeous, so our guests really took advantage of the Loggia. Thank you, also, for your recommendations on both the flowers and the musicians. Both were perfect! Altogether a truly memorable and wonderful experience, and one that we will remember with joy and appreciation.
 Testimonial 7 

“Amazing group of beautiful women.”

 Testimonial 7 

“This a wonderful place to have a formal affair.”

 Wines by the Glass 

The Woman’s Club of Minneapolis is looking for a significant project, one the Club can donate to the city of Minneapolis in honor of the upcoming Bicentennial. One day, then-president Mrs. Catherine (Katy) Lenmark is driving by the vacant 1849 Ard Godfrey House, the oldest remaining frame home in Minneapolis--which has fallen into grave disrepair--and is inspired by an idea. Why not undertake the complete restoration of the house as the Club’s gift?

The Woman's Club of Minneapolis votes to restore the house to the period of 1849-1853, when the Godfrey family built the house and settled there. Some of the home’s original furnishings and household items are located and returned. In the end, over 500 people volunteer over 10,000 hours of labor.

The house is opened to the public on July 4, 1979 and more than 800 people attend.

 Testimonial 8 

“Wow, we just got home from having brunch at your place and we were all so satisfied and happy. The service was outstanding. From the moment we walked in, we were welcomed and told it was our place and to relax and enjoy. The server we had was so nice and friendly. The food was beautifully presented and tasted so good. Everything was delightful. My partner and I took his parents here and we all had a wonderful time, we will be back and we thank you for a great experience.”

 Testimonial 8 

“The Annual Dinner Seminar on France was a great success and the food was fabulous! A credit to our chef and our Club. These events, when this successful, make me so proud of our Club and staff. Our speaker, from France, asked to be sure and tell you that it was possibly the best Cassoulet Toulouain she eaten. High praise.”

 Wines by the Bottle 

Beginning in 1990, men are welcomed to join the Woman’s Club as members. The first male Club member, Herb Bissell, is voted in on June 22. Herb is renowned in the Minneapolis business community as an early advocate for the introduction of women into corporate leadership roles.

 Craft Cocktails 
 Testimonial 9 
I have visited many fine clubs around the country over the last two years in New York City, San Francisco, Chicago and elsewhere, and the lunch I had Saturday at the Woman’s Club ranked with the best I have had. I had the special (Fish Tacos) and not only did they taste good, but I was equally impressed with its presentation on the plate. Our server was very pleasant and did a great job. I want to compliment everyone for the fine job being done. Thank you for such a wonderful experience.

Celebrating 100 years of the Woman’s Club! The official opening of the newly constructed Rooftop Terrace kicks off the Centennial on April 22, 2006. Author and storyteller Garrison Keillor speaks at the celebration, calling Minneapolis of 1906 an era when “people of vision could create wonderful institutions.” Later the same year, Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak declares April 22 - April 28 to be “The Woman's Club of Minneapolis Week” in the city of Minneapolis.

 Scotch and Whisky 
 Our First Century DVD Now Available to View Online! 
This DVD, covering the history of the Woman's Club, is available to Club members for viewing on YouTube in four parts. Click on the highlighted sections, below, to view.

Chapter I: Tribulations, Triumphs, and Traditions, A History of the Woman's Club;
Chapter II: The Big 9-0: 1907 - 1997, Part 1 and Part 2
And Chapter III: Capital Campaign Video, featuring Joan Steffend.