Past & Future

In March of 1907, Mrs. Albert Rankin and Mrs. Charles Keyes, Sr. approached Miss Gratia Countryman, Chief Librarian of the Minneapolis Public Library, about a new kind of woman's organization. Weeks later, 25 influential women were invited to convene in Miss Countryman's library office, and The Woman's Club of Minneapolis was born. Through the years, the Club has been recognized repeatedly for its civic and charitable works, and the Clubhouse, built in 1928, has been designated by the city of Minneapolis as a historic building.

Today, our members—women and men with diverse backgrounds and interests—embrace and advance the same mission of collegiality and community service that has defined our organization for over a century:

The Woman’s Club of Minneapolis is organized and shall be operated exclusively for charitable and education purposes, civic and social services, study and friendly association.

The Woman's Club of Minneapolis is as vital and dynamic than ever. As new members join the Club, we are enjoying a resurgence of energy, passion and talent. And just as it always has, the Club continues to look to the future, dedicated to its mission and to the inspiring and determined vision of our founders.

The Woman's Club of Minneapolis     410 Oak Grove St     Minneapolis, MN 55403-3294     Tel: 612-813-5300     Fax: 612-813-5336
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